May 29, 2022

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Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium Podophyllum) Care, Growing Guide

The beautiful Arrowhead Plant is a member of the famous houseplant’s family the Araceae. This arrowhead plant is a pretty, attractive and trailing or climbing type of plant that tends to grow faster under the proper conditions for its breeding. It is commonly found in South America Region. It become a famous houseplant among the people. It have easy care guide and anyone can breed it in their house. It is appealing hanging shape which attract the people.

This arrowhead plant’s leaf design changes as it gets maturity. It changes from a simple arrow shape of its leaf to a deeply lobed mature leaf if it gets proper care. The leaves of this plant can vary but it is depending on their age. It is ranging from dark green and white to lime green and bright pink color and get the amazing look. The young arrowhead plants are bushy by look and this look is making them attractive indoor plant choices for coffee tables as decoration piece or at side tables and also the other surfaces. As the plant gets maturity and starting grow then this plant develops a climbing habit by nature and this factor is making them fast to grow up and get healthy condition.

There are many varieties of this plant. You can choose the plant by its size, color, and appearance. The most popular names of this plant are Butterfly plant that contains deep-green leaves on its body with creamy white veins in its look. The another one is Pixie plant and it is a compact cultivar with small leaves on its body. The plant Imperial White is stunning by its appearance with green leaves on its body marbled with white color for amazing look. Some recently cultivars plants are flushed with pink color initially.

Arrowhead Plant Quick Overview 

NameArrowhead Plant. Arrowhead Vine
Basic NameSyngonium Podophyllum
OriginSouth America
Size3to 6 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide
Water RequirementRegular but Balanced
Soil RequirementWell Drained, Acidic
Light RequirementIndirect Sunlight
Flower ColorWhite
ToxicityToxic to Dog and Cat
Arrowhead Plan benefits

Arrowhead Vine Plant Benefits

Good Air Purifier

This beautiful and attractive plant is not just eye-catching but also has the quality to clean the indoor air of your room and home where you placed this plant and where you breathe near to it.  Thus, plant can remove VOCs problems such as formaldehyde problem, toluene, problem and the benzene also the xylene problem. This beautiful plant has also been famous as an air purifier by researchers of the huge authentic the NASA in USA.

Increase Humidity Level and Reduces Dry Air

This beautiful plant arrowhead plant has a transpiration rate of 7 which is beneficial and it makes it a wonderful plant a stunning houseplant to increase humidity indoors. If you have any dry air problem in your house then placed the arrowhead plants at the home and start growing in window boxes. It will help a lot for your problem of dryness. It increases humidity level at indoors places and also helpful in reducing airborne microbes’ problems.

Looks Stunning

The captivating growth of this plant pattern initially starts with heart-shaped leaves on it and that take an arrow shape in this plant and after passage of time it become palmate. This plant matures into a beautiful and attractive climber with stunning and colorful variegated foliage formation that suits and perfect for every style of decor and it will more beautiful existence of this plant.

A Good and Ideal Houseplant

This arrowhead vine plant is a superb indoor plant by the nature and looks stunning and attractive with its glossy look and textured appearance and patterned beautiful leaves. Making it an excellent and perfect option to decorate your home and the windowsills in your home, bedrooms in your home, living rooms, and the tabletops of your home and also corridors places in decorative and attractive pots.

Versatile Plants

You can grow this beautiful arrowhead vine plant in many ranges of beautiful and attractive styles. Use the miniature variety of this plant for growing and developing on the tabletop gardening, bottle gardens, and the more other gardens.

Arrowhead Vine Care Guide


The Arrowhead Plant Care is so easy. This beautiful Arrowhead vine likes bright light for best growth but no direct sunlight. Diffused light is best option for this plant. Harsh rays of the sun can burn or bleach the delicate and sensitive leaves and vines of this plant. Variegated colorways plants have quality to handle a bit more direct sun light but the on the other hand deeper green varieties of this plan are better grow in partial shade.


Providing water to your arrowhead beautiful plant regularly during the spring season and in the summer season. Reduce the amount of watering when the winter comes. During the spring season and summer season. You can keep vine of this plant dry partially. But it should not be kept too wet by the soil or too dry. Both conditions are dangerous for its health.

Arrowhead Plant Care
Arrowhead Plant Care


For the best result start breeding of this plant   arrowhead vine in a traditional and balanced soil-based potting mix place. The Arrowhead vines have ability to prone to root rot. So, this is important and you should make sure whichever potting soil you choose for its breeding and growth is well-draining by nature. One more thing is important and that is you have to planting this plant in a terracotta or clay vessel for the purpose to wick away extra moisture from the soil and make the soil best for this plant.

Temperature and Humidity

According to nature of the plant the arrowhead vine plant prefers warm temperature and humid conditions for best growth. If it is possible for you then maintain temperatures for this plant above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in that place where you are breeding this plant. This plant can tolerate average humidity condition and can give the best result. This plant will thrive best with added moisture and humidity level in the air. For right growth you should keep your plant somewhere in your place with naturally higher humidity level like bathroom and kitchen in the home.  You can also utilize a method of increasing humidity for fast growth like a portable machine for it or placing a bed of wet river rocks or any other thing like that beneath to pot.


For best result feed your arrowhead vine plant once in a month with liquid fertilizer which give it extra power to grow and it is for time period of the spring season summer season. You can stop the feeding throughout winter season for its growth. In the winter the growth rate is slow of this plant.

Arrowhead Plant Propagation

The beautiful Arrowhead vine plant and the root of this plant readily from stem cuttings process and can easily be propagated at any other place in the spring season or summer season. If your plant is in that condition in which it has aerial roots along the stem of this plant then you can take a section of the stem with attached roots of its body for the purpose to increase your odds of success in form of its look.

Arrowhead Plan Propagation

For the purpose of propagate the arrowhead vine plant You just place your cutting of this plant into a glass of water and wait for few weeks. You will see the new roots have begun to form in the water. Wait at least one month until the roots have strengthened and get the power for further growth and you have to topping off the water periodically. With this point and at that place you can plant the cutting into the soil for new growth of the plant.  


These stunning plants are aggressive by the nature. It has ability of rapid-growing vines. So, the frequency of repotting of this plant depends on you that how big size of it you want to get from this vine plant. You should report yearly for a larger vine of this plant. On the other hand, refresh potting process in every spring season and repot every other year to ensure one thing and that is the plant does not become root-bound it is not in its favor.

Pests and Diseases

This super look arrowhead vine plant is relatively resistant to pests on its body.  However, in the situation where dwelling this plant in your home amongst other plants can expose it and can harm it by the pests like spider mites, aphids, mealybugs, and another is scale. If you observe any of these afflictions or condition in this plan You have to treat your plant immediately for the best growth with neem oil or another natural solution to solve the problems of pests.

Arrowhead Vine Plant Problems

Yellow Leaves

The cause of the yellow leaves is over or under watering to this plant. This is very easy to observe and identify this situation when you take a look the method of water which has been provided to this plant.  if the soil where it was planted is too wet or dry by nature then it is harmful for it. If you do the opposite of that process or method in the way where what you have been doing the problem should go away from the plant and remove the yellow color of the leaves and that makes it unhealthy.

Dry Brown Leaves

This problem with this plant will be caused when the air which is providing to it by you is too dry and is easy to put right direction. Mist the leaves of this plant daily until they look better and look great then mist every couple of days until it gets the stunning look and maturity.

Slow Growth

During the growing season of this plant this problem can occur in this plant when a plant gets low fertilizer mean the nutrients in soil and not getting enough sunlight for normal growth and the cause of over watering. Read the care guide which mentioned earlier. The care instructions for this plant above to eliminate the thing what you are doing in the right way right to discover what you may not be providing for the best growth to this plant. Do not worry about no growth or slow growth during the winter season. Growth of this plant slows down or stops by the nature when the winter months descend upon us and you can handle in the proper way.

Syngonium Podophyllum


These Arrowhead Vine plants are beautiful tropical and decent houseplant in the world that plays well with others plants. As long as you give them proper care like a nice warm condition steamy place to breed it. They will grow green shining and tall in size at your home. The demand of this beautiful plant is increasing day by day due to its easy care and stunning appearance. It has many benefits as well.

It is depending on your choice of style which ever you want for this plant. You can keep these plants in pots in your home or train them to grow on poles in your place or fences for its protection inside of your home. These plants make lovely additions to sun rooms as decoration. It can be placed at porches in the living rooms in the bathrooms and even in the kitchens. Commonly these plants are easy to care for and easy to grow and highly resistant to most pests and other diseases.

These plants can fall prey to aphids and the pest spider mites and another one is mealybugs if you are caring for it properly. One thing you should have to make sure that you make the soil in dry condition between each watering condition to prevent root rot problem and ensure this important thing that they are out of direct sunlight which is harmful for it and placed these plants away from air conditioner vents which is also harmful for it.