Tradescantia Zebrina Care Guide: How To Grow Wandering Jew Plant

All About Tradescantia Zebrina (Wandering Jew) Plant The beautiful plant which is commonly called Wandering Jew or Inch Plant or Tradescantia Zebrina which is also known as Zebrina pendula is a famous plant for breeding in the house. This plant belongs to the spider wort family Commelinaceae and this plant is grown for its variegated […]

Begonia Maculata Care : Polka Dot Begonia Growing Guide

What is Begonia Maculata? An Overview (Polka Dot Begonia) Begonia Maculata is the beautiful and attractive plant which is also known as Polka Dot Begonia. It is mostly found in Brazil and native to this country. The care and propagation of this plant is so easy. The appearance of this-land is so attractive. The family […]

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