May 29, 2022

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Calathea Orbifolia (Prayer Plant) – A Complete Care Guide

The most beautiful houseplant Calathea Orbifolia is a species and member of prayer plant and family. It is also known as Prayer Plant. It is native to Bolivia region and is one of the largest Calathea plant in its family. Because it is native to rain forests so that it will be best to provide ample humidity condition around this plant and frequent and suitable water amount.

Calathea plants do not really tend to bloom at indoor places while their flowers are much beautiful and attractive. This is not too much of a nuisance considering the plant that this plant is initially grown as a houseplant on grounds and qualities of its effective attractive foliage.

Due to its attractive look this plant has become widely famous among the people and its strikingly large oval shaped leaves on its body make it much beautiful and that leaves are striped with silver bands throughout every leaf which make it unique. This plant is a perfectly safe cat and dogs it is pet-friendly plant. It can make an eye-catching statement anywhere in the home

The Calathea Orbifolia Propagation is not suitable for the beginner indoor gardener or newcomers in this field. The process of its propagation is little bit difficult and easy for the experts.  If you are interested for propagation of any plant in your houses then you can pick the easy one options like Calathea Roseopicta Medallion and Calathea Ornata. These plants are great alternatives of it which have easy care and propagation.

Calathea Orbifolia

The Calathea Orbifolia is that type of plant which has fast growth rate at indoors. This beautiful houseplant can reach 3 ft. High in size. The striking glossy leaves of this plant can grow up to 1 ft wide in size. They raise their beautiful leaves at night like prayer so that’s why it is called prayer plant. In the evening time the leaves of this attractive plants fold upright position at the base of its stem and as if this plant is folding its leaves on its body upward to pray position. This process of folding and rise its leaves is called nyctinasty.


Name Calathea Orbifolia
Origin Bolivia
Light Requirement Filtered Medium
Soil Well-Drained
Temperature 65F to 75F
Humidity High Level
Toxicity Non-Toxic


Calathea Orbifolia Care


This beautiful Calathea Orbifolia needs to grow for best growth in medium to low light condition. It is protected from direct sunlight which is dangerous to its growth and health. The light should be indirect and filtered. The direct sun light makes its leaves fade and if the time period of direct sunlight increase then may be these plants die.

The Calathea Plants can survive in low light and give best outcomes. They are not classified as those plants which are for dark places. They grow well and in better way on a north-facing place or place near an east side window of your house. Other types of plants of its family can survive in bright in direct light.


When the top layer of soil dries out then it is time to watering this plant. This beautiful houseplant watering process ensures that you never exceed the amount of water to this plant. To know the need of the water of this plant you have to press the soil if the soil is in moisture then stay and wait. If the soil is going to dry then you have to watering. In the summer season you have to watering this plant once in a week and some time more then once time according to the temperature and condition.

The problem is over watering. When you give the water on regular base then it is dangerous for it. Give them the water at that time when they need. When the soil is dry you need to watering this plant.  At the time of watering this amazing plant Calathea orbifolia you have to drench the soil to that time until water drains from the holes of the pots or from the spoil.  Allow all above and extra water to drip out entirely before putting the plant back to its place. Remember one important thing is that you have to give more water to it in summer as compare to winter season. In summer they need more water. In winter you have to mist leaves more then watering to this plant. They love high humidity level for best growth and propagation.


This beautiful plant Calathea orbifolia thrives and grow faster when growing in fertile potting type of soil. The soil must with excellent drainage. The soil which is used for its propagation should retain some moisture in it by nature. But the soggy soil is dangerous you should keep the balanced soil. The best and effective ingredients for its good health potting mix soil with two parts. The first part perlite and second orchid bark. Organic matters in the soil make it moisture. The benefit of using the peat-based soil is that it contains the all important and useful essentials for its amazing and fast growth.


The best temperature for this plant is normal room temperature. It is ideal temperature for growing Calathea Orbifolia houseplants at indoor places. Keep the temperature between 65°F and 75°F for best propagation and the plant should thrive. If temperature conditions are too high than its normal then the leaves of this plant will start to curl. If the temperature too low then it is also dangerous for it in low temperature will effect on its green leaves which will start to droop.

The main challenge and difficulty of growing these calatheas at indoor places is caring properly in summer season and winter season. Calatheas Plants are sensitive in nature to sudden temperature conditions changes. Keep these plants away from cold drafts and cold situations like air-conditioner on it and the open windows. In winter season you have to make sure and keep the orbifolia plant far away from the radiators.

These plants can perfectly grow at outdoor places in containers in summer season. The temperature for this plant never drops below 60°F level then this plant can grow in a shaded place at anywhere in your house. You must have to protect your plant from direct sunlight because it is dangerous for it specially for its leaves.


Calathea orbifolia for better growth need high humidity level around it of at least 50 percent humidity. Commonly average room air moisture levels and temperature are too dry for calatheas plants. There is a need to mist the leaves of this plant keep on a pebble water pot. You can use the room humidifier for its best growth.

Calathea Orbifolia Guide

Calathea Orbifolia Propagation

This plant is amazing by its look but it is still uncommon. The propagation of this plant is difficult which make it less popular. The propagation of this plant through seeds or cuttings process is not always successful in result. So, the rhizome division of this plant is the accepted and suitable method. The best and simple way to propagate this beautiful plant Calathea is through rhizome root division process.

Sometime this plant needs repotting and when you report this plant separate these young plants at the root of the plant by using a very sharp and sterile blade. After that give these plants their own pots for propagation. The young roots of this plant should be kept in normal indirect light place. Maintain the humidity naturally or by using the room humidifier.

The best and perfect time for its propagation is in the early period of their growing process which give the divisions time to recover. You should avoid traumatizing the roots of this plant. Here is the process unpot the mother parent plant and normally tease the rhizome from the soil for the propagation. You have to cut a section from the tuber of this plant with a sharp blade.

You have to make sure that it includes one stem and some roots for best result. Then re-pot in suitable well drained soil. You have to keep the plants in warm conditions and moist conditions. You should cover it with a transparent plastic cover and mist regularly When growth of this plant starts then remove the plastic covering from it. Watering to this plant carefully for best growth.


The most attractive and uncommon plant the Calathea Orbifolia is a flowering plant by nature which is native to the tropical regions and areas of Bolivia. The amazing foliage of this plant is enough to decorate any corner of your house or place. The big beautiful round green leaves with silvery green strips look and silver green undersides of this plant make it an absolute attractive.

This plant produces beautiful flowers on it which are too much beautiful and rarely seen in the indoor plant’s families. The care of this plant is little bit difficult as compare to others. You just have to follow the above-mentioned instruction while propagation of this plant. The important thing is that it is not popular because of its difficult care and it is bit trick to grow. So, it is not ideal for the new persons. It has beautiful appearance and non-toxic nature make it more useful and beneficial.