May 29, 2022

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Marble Queen Pothos Care and Growing, Propagation Complete Guide

The Epipremnum Aureum which is commonly known as Marble Queen Pothos is a tropical aroid vine and beautiful plant in the famous plant family Araceae native to the French Polynesia region.  The other type of plants that are closely related to this plant has the quality same as this beautiful plant have and the quality is its leaves will change in shape with age and get more attractive look like monstera. The leaves of this plant can be found in the wild sprawled area out along the ground and climbing up trees.

It is considered a member of the monstera family plants. These plants can truly grow with the qualities of monstrous. When it grows the leaves of this plant can grow to be longer than 3 feet long in size. This beautiful plant Pothos has the ability and quality to spontaneously generate variegation in this plant. It has led to several cultivars of variegation and color combinations like marble, classic jade.

This beautiful plant is a popular and famous houseplant with the quality of brightly-colored jade green and have the cream leaves on its body. The variegated kind of foliage of this attractive and stunning plant Marble Queen cultivar grows on long and trailing vines. For best growth this plant growing in most indoor conditions then it will give the best growth.  This type of pothos plant is an excellent hanging basket plant for house decoration as well.

Marble Queen Pothos

If you have no experience of plantation this plant is easy to grow and propagation of this plant is so easy. This care of this plant is not difficult. If you have not long time then you must choose this plant for your home because it requires less attention than the other houseplants. This is basically easy to grow and easy to propagate in indoor places. This plant gives the stunning look and a better decoration option for plant lovers.

Marble Queen Pothos Overview

Name Marble Queen Pothos
Family Araceae
Soil Moist Well Drained
Soil PH Acidic
Flower Color Green White
Bloom Time Summer Spring
Native Area Australia

Marble Queen Pothos Care

This beautiful and highly variegated quality plant pothos is versatile by its look. It is forgiving and easy to grow at indoor places. They can easily grow well in any space in your home. It does not require any process like regular pruning of this plant or repotting process in order to make it thrive. This beautiful houseplant marble queen pothos is well grown with being slightly rootbound process and should only need repotting one time every couple of years. This houseplant has attractive flowers and that type of flowers which are rare to see. These flowers make it more attractive and these make your house more beautiful. Their flowers have a unique fragrance and unique look. There are following the care steps of this plant.


For better growth, this plant needs indirect filtered sunlight. It will well grow in that type of light. In houses and indoor places, it is quite common to find this plant grown in this way in the places like bathrooms and by the side of the kitchen window. In the direct sunlight, the leaves and the flowers will burn and it is dangerous for the health of this plant. Make sure the thing that this plant is well grown in indirect sunlight and with high-quality water conditions.


For better growth and fresh result, you need to maintain its water schedule. You have to dry the soil 50% while giving the water to it. You need to do the dry and drench cycle for its best growth. In the period of its initial growth like in the summer and spring season the dry and drench method will boost the growth of this plant and give a good result. Dry the soil before watering. You have to observe the leaves of this plant carefully. When you noticed the color of leaves getting brown then this is the sign that your plant needs water. If the color of the plant gets yellow and the soil feels soggy then it is a sign of over watering.


Commonly the plant marble queen pothos can grow well in that type of soil conditions like the soil is well-drained in nature and in loamy condition. They are generally grown in high-quality standard indoor potting soil. This type of soil is readily available at most plant stores and greenhouses in your area. However, there is an option that you can also make your own soil mixture for plantation by combining a mixture of potting soil, perlite, and orchid bark for a light and make the airy soil mixture where your pothos will thrive in. There are many other methods for making the well-drained soil for this plant. Also, this plant has the quality to grow in plain water. Yes, this plant can grow in the plane water but there are many other important things that are related to the plantation of this plant in the water.


This beautiful plant Marble queen pothos is an ideal houseplant and has the quality of growth at normal temperature because they thrive in the standard temperature of the house and an indoor place and normal humidity levels. They do not well grow in the temperature which is below 55 F. So, avoids placing this plant at that spot where the temperature is low.


This beautiful plant has the quality to grow at a normal humidity level. It is easy to grow in a common humid environment. Many people give directly to avoid misting but the misting is suitable and best for its fast and healthy growth. In the misting condition and humid surroundings, this plant keeps itself fresh.  You do not need to maintain any special humidity level for this plant.


The Fertilizer is an option for its growth. Commonly It is not required for marble queen pothos plant. As these plants are planted in the soil which we have mentioned above then this soil has all its compulsory materials and fertilizer for its normal growth. But if you provide the extra fertilizer then it will help this plant to grow stronger and healthier. Fertilizer will boost its growth and give you the best outcomes. Providing fertilizer to this plant once in the summer and once in the spring is the best for its growth.

Marble Queen Pothos Propagation

This attractive flower having plant Marble queen pothos can be easily propagated by the process of stem cuttings. It is a great way and authentic process to encourage the full growth of this plant on your existing plant. You can also create new plants to share with your friends and family. If you want to propagate your marble queen pothos then you have to do the process of stem cutting.

For this purpose. Take stem cuttings from your present plant and it should have at least 4-5 nodes on each cutting of your plant. After that remove 2-3 leaves from the bottom of your cutting to expose the nodes and should leave at least 2 bottom leaves at the top of every cutting. Then place your cuttings which you got from your existing plant in a glass jar or any other pot filled with fresh water you have to ensure that the bottom of the cuttings are submerged properly while the bottom leaves on the top of the cuttings of your plant remain above the water surface.

After that place that pot or jar at that place where it receives medium to bright indirect filtered sunlight. You have to change the water of the jar every week to keep it in fresh condition. Roots of the new plant will begin to grow after the period of 2-3 weeks of the cuttings being in the freshwater jar or pot. When the roots are at least 1 inch long in size the cuttings of the new plant can be re-planted in well-drained mix soil.

You can also add these new plants back to the original parent plant. Plant the cuttings of the new plant in that type of soil that is pre-moistened and then pat them firmly into place. After that put the cuttings of the new plant back in that spot where it receives medium to bright indirect sunlight. Keep the soil consistently moist for its better growth.


If you are looking for a decent and attractive house plant then the Marble Queen Pothos is the best choice for you. The care process is easy and it can be grown by any person. A fresh gardener also grows this plant easily at his place. No doubt this plant is an ideal houseplant for the decoration of your house. It is famous among the people and you can see it in every garden and house. It is common between the people and also easily available.

If you are a plant lover and want to decorate your house with houseplants then it is the best for your houseplant collection. It is also available on online plant stores and many other platforms. You can easily grow in indoor places. It is attractive to see and also has a low price. This plant is one of the most beautiful houseplants.