January 25, 2022

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Monstera Dubia – Shingle Plant Care, Propagation, Cutting and Root Separation Guide

The most attractive plant Monstera Dubia is a rare and beautiful shingling aroid plant. It is native to Central and South America region. It is known for its striking foliage quality to see that changes with unique process as the plant with passage of time matures from juvenile to adult age.

When it matures the foliage of this plant is variegated with shiny silvery-blue patches on its body, and the leaves of this plant lie flat against a tree. And rather than fanning outwards and the growth habit of this plant known as shingling that’s why it is commonly called Shingle Plant.

This Monstera Dubia plants are rooted in soil with care and allowed to start and rise shingling up a cedar board. As they start climb while growth period the foliage on its body will continue to grow larger and larger. It requires sufficient humidity while growing to lie flat against its climbing surface.Monstera Dubia


This attractive native American plant which is also known as the shingle plant. It is not commonly available in the market or at most gardener nurseries of plants. It is commonly purchased from online plant stores or from special plant shop in your area. You must need to Beware of scam before purchasing it.

There are a number of fake sellers or fake seeds being sold at online sources and online stores. You must always ensure this thing that you are purchasing from reputable and authentic sellers. As it is not available commonly but the care of this plant is so easy. Here in the following we are mentioning its care steps which are so easy.


Name Monstera Dubia
Size 3ft to 10ft
Soil Moist Well Drained
Soil PH Acidic Neutral
Flower Color Pink
Bloom Time Summer Spring
Native Area South America

Monstera Dubia Care

This Monstera Dubia is less available in the market than the other plants like beautiful Monstera Deliciosa and anotherMonstera Adansonii. its care is easy than the others plants. However, while all the other plants like Monsteras for its best growth enjoy climbing a totem or support.

This plant Monstera Dubia require that type of support in order to thrive while its growth period. Because the leaves of this plant lie so flat in nature. Many people who experts of indoor plants commonly choose to mount their Monstera Dubia on a plain plank of wood for its good health and growth to show off this unique feature and outstanding qualities and look.


According to its natural habit the Monstera Dubia grow well in the condition below the forest canopy. Where they receive dappled sunlight for better growth throughout the day. That show they need indirect bright light when they are propagated indoor. You must avoid from direct sunlight because it is dangerous to its health and it will burn the leaves of this plant.


The best time for watering to this plant is when the top few inches of the potting medium on its body is dry for best growth. You have to ensure the thing that you are watering to this plant in well manner and you are allowing the excess water to this plant to drain from the pot for best quality production. These all types of monsteras plants can bear a neglection of water for a little bit. They don’t die if the soil dries out completely but not for long time. Commonly do not let them dry out for long time.


Monstera Dubia Plant grow well in that type of soil which is loose, moist in nature but well-draining. For better growth potting mixes with lots of organic material. The chunky type of soil is best for these tropical and attractive designed plants. This type of soil can be easily created by anyone at their home by mixing the things together with equal amount of orchid bark, peat moss and perlite. This mixture of soil and organic material is best and ideal for Monstera dubia propagation.

Because it is loose in nature and rich in organic matter by the nature. It will retain the suitable amount of water without any waterlogging the plants. You have to avoid using regular potting soil for this plant at any cost. Because it will likely be too dense in nature and suffocate the root system and process of this plant growth.

Temperature and Humidity

The Monstera dubia plants are native to tropical rainforests regions and south America region. They thrive in warm condition and in humid environments. Commonly normal temperatures and humidity levels are best and fit for these plants. You just have to ensure that you don’t keep this plant Monstera dubia near a drafty window side or in heating and cooling vents.

If the place where you are propagating this plant is unusually dry. Then you have to provide additional humidity to this plant. The Leaves of this plant curling off the totem or producing crispy edges on its body are both signs that this plant needs more humidity level. Pebble tray filled with a certain amount of water under the plant or a humidifier condition are both great options for its best growth.


These beautiful plants are considered medium feeders by their nature and give great result with regular fertilizing. For best outcome use a common less release fertilizer three times in a year. Low level of balanced fertilizer once a month for it during its growing period provides strong growth to it.

Monstera Dubia Propagation

Monstera dubia plant can be easily propagated through the process stem cuttings. This process of stem cutting is the same in nature and process that is used for propagating the other type of monster’s plants like Monstered Deliciosa, Monstera Adansonii, Pothos and Philodendron plants. Another common process of propagation is root separation. You can use any of these processes which is easy and suitable for you. Here in the following we will explain these two processes for best growth of it

Stem Cutting

The stem cutting process for propagation of this beautiful American native plant is too easy you just have to cut the stem of plant first. After this do the cut below a node of its body. Put the new stem cutting in certain amount of water. Submerging the node and stem of this plant without including the leaves of it. Now put this cutting in that place where it absorbs bright yet indirect light for perfect propagation.

Then wait until the Monstera roots become around one inch long in size before you put the cutting to the soil from the water. This is a week or two-week process. When you transferred the stem cutting to the soil you have to make sure that the soil has enough moisture in nature during the first two weeks of its propagation. This type of soil helps it to adjust itself according to its surrounding.


Root Separation

The process of stem cutting is easy and commonly more used process by the people for propagation of this plant. But there is another easy way to propagate this plant by root separation. You just have to cut the root of plant carefully and plants this root to another pot or surface. You can use the pruning shears for best result and it helps to you to cut the root equally into parts. Now you must care it as you cared for its parent plant.

Monstera Dubia

Monstera Dubia Pests and Diseases

One of the most common problems in this plant while growing it is root rot problem. It occurs if watering amount is not properly managed to this plant. Another problem is that when this plant is planted in that type of soil that becomes overly compacted and wet in nature and also water logs the roots. You should have to ensure that you are using a loose in nature, chunky in nature potting mix to avoid over moist and wet soil.

These two pests are dangerous to its health and harmful for its growth first the red spider mites and second one is common browns Cale. They are sap-sucking pests. If you are growing these plants you have to ensure that you are regularly inspecting and observing your plant for pests. This will help you to catch the dangerous thing for this plant. These types of pests can be treated with neem oil and another method of alcohol sprayed onto the affected areas of this plant by pests.


Despite the fact that this plant is costly but it is still worthy and have much qualities that will give you real happiness. You can give them as a gift to your lovers. It is rare houseplant. It is not available in the common markets. You can get this from online platforms or any special plant store in your area.

Care of this plant is easy and propagation of this beautiful plant is also easy. If you are planning to buy houseplant for decoration of your house then its is your best choice. This plant is outstanding by look. It is one of the most beautiful plants in the category of houseplants.