May 29, 2022

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Philodendron Birkin Care and Growing Guide | Plantycare

All About Philodendron Birkin (Philodendron White Wave) Plant

This beautiful plant is one of the many beautiful philodendron family plants used for ornamental purposes and create attraction for the people. This plant Philodendron Birkin is another beautiful plant of the family of other plants. The attractive green and glossy beautiful leaves have slight variegation on them and attract the people as they mature by time to time. This thing is important and it makes their look unique. It helps them stand out and look beautiful from the crowd. The plant has easy-care routines and it has minimal requirements for its breeding.

The history of plant Philodendron Birkin is interesting. This plant has not been around too long by its existence. It found in the spontaneous mutation process during the cultivation of another plant Philodendron Rojo Congo plant. Delighted and stunning appearance of it with the impressive and attractive variegation of this unexpected plant makes it more beautiful. In the start this plant in high demand by the people and short supply of It. This plant is not available in the start but as it is favorite plant of some people it is easily available in markets in all over the world.

Philodendron Birkin Care
Philodendron Birkin Care

It is available in the market by its scientific name Philodendron White Wave. It is a type of non-patented cultivar plant. It is also available by its further names or the names which are common. The interesting feature of this plant is that it is variegation is unstable by nature. By time to time it can produce one or more leaves on its body and its look like its parent plant and the name of its parent plant of it is Philodendron Rojo Congo.

It has the ability and the feature that it produces almost full completely white leaves on its body and one of them is with a splash of pink by look. It has ability to revert to being completely green color. This all about this beautiful plant. This is one of the most demanding houseplants. The care of this plant is also very easy and any beginner can also breed it in the proper way just read this full article and get the care guide.

Philodendron Birkin Quick Overview

Name Philodendron Birkin
Other Name Philodendron White Wave
Origin Philodendron Rojo Congo Cultivated Variety
Water Requirements Regular but not Over Watering
Light Requirements Bright Indirect Light
Soil Requirements Well-Draining
Temperature 16 – 30 Degree

Philodendron Birkin Care Guide


The plant philodendron birkin light care is very easy. It starts thrive from bright diffused indirect sun light. You should the give the feeling to the plant that it is under a tropical canopy in your home or at any place. Another important thing that you should mimic its’ natural habitat. Direct sunlight to this plant for a long time can cause leaves of this plant to start falling down. The structure and body of plant will dry up fast by this direct light and.

But instead of direct sun light for long time the low sunlight also affects it in negative and damage it. This plant can cause too much space between the leaves of the plant and the stems of it and it will start to sag. As result of this act you plant is going to die soon.  So, if you are planning to breed this plant then you have to find that or arrange that place at your home or any other where this plant gets the indirect sun light. If there is no sun light than artificial light is the best option for its proper breeding. An average need of sunlight to this plant is 12 hours daily.


The choosing soil for this beautiful plant philodendron birkin is very easy and important part of its breeding. The soil for best breeding needs to be on the looser side of soil but make sure that it is not too loose. It should have ability to retain water for the birkin plant in proper way. But large amount of water needs to be able to drain the soil in that way where the roots don’t get wet feet. The condition of Wet feet in the plant always cause to root rot and plant death with this act.

They grow the best and the breeding in nest way only possible in sphagnum peat moss-based soil which is easily available. These plants thrive by nature in the soil and that act of plant is nothing but peat moss. The Peat moss plants has a coarse and airy texture by nature. The coarse texture is good because it retains water. The aeration process allows the large amount of water to leave instead of piling up in the soil where it is breeding.

Philodendron Birkin Care and Growing Guide


Like the other most plants this plant also wants moist soil for best growth. So, with this act the philodendron birkin can soak up the hydration from the soil. While watering this plant you should take care of over watering. The over watering will cause the disease of wet feet. So, in this condition you have to wait until the soil is dry mostly just before you watering this plant. The proper way to check the moisture in the soil is that place your finger of your hand into the soil.

If the soil hits your knuckle and above the range then you should be dry the soil before you watering the plant. You should balance the watering level. It should balance the process of watering. It means not short or nor huge watering is required for this plant. If the soil is so moisture and you can feel it by your finger then stop watering. In the winter you should low the watering level.

philodendron birkin Plant Temperature

This plant philodendron birkin grow well in a warm condition and well grow in the humid room because these plants are tropical plants. You should keep the temperature of the room where this plant is breeding between 65F Degree to 75F Degree and in the day it should 18C – 24C. IIn the night the temperature should be around 60F or16C.


This plant philodendron birkin are tropical plants by the nature. They love humidity conditions and it is suitable for its good growth. These plants can live well in light humidity condition. If this plant has more humidity it will grow well and in healthy form. The leaves will grow properly in humidity conditions.  The Levoit humidifier is the best for this plant. If you are planning to cultivate this plant into your house you must provide it the more humidity. The result of humidity will show you in form of its healthy condition and look.

Propagation philodendron birkin

For the proper propagation of this plant and the best way is that the Philodendron Birkin stem cuttings. It is the best way to take cuttings in spring season when the condition of the plant is strong and that time the cutting of this plant will grow properly and show the best result. It is much important the thing is that to make sure your cuttings of this plant have at least one growth node on them and on their body. The best thing in it is that the few aerial roots of this plant maximize the chance of success in its growth. You should propagate the roots in the water for the time of 6 to 8 weeks. You can also plant these cutting direct into the soil.

Philodendron Birkin Propagation


These beautiful plants need good fertilizing routines for the best growth of the plant. It is especially important at that time when the plant is growing new leaves on its body. For stunning result, you should Fertilize your plant every month in the spring season and in the summer seasons. Reduce the amount of fertilizer or low the process in cold winter season and shift it to another every couple of months for best result.

Re Potting

If you are feeling like the roots of the plant have started to suffocate in the soil where it was cultivated and forming a tight ball. It is the right time to re-pot the Birkin Philodendron plant for best breeding. Shift this plant into a container for the process of re potting and the container should few inches larger than the current one which is you are using. Do this process at the late winter season or early spring season. This time is best and suitable for it.


As it is fact that these plants have a neat growing habit by the its nature with large and beautiful separate leaves on its body. It is advice for you that you don’t have to prune these plants or maintain the shape of their leaves. You can make it clean. You can mist and wipe the leaves of the plant to check situation of the plant to see any bugs, diseases, and other growing problems in the plants.

Philodendron Birkin Problems and FAQs

[su_spoiler title=”Why this plant philodendron Birkin turn to yellow?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]It is due to over watering. This is happened because your philodendron Birkin being breed in soil and this is too heavy for it. You should breed Birkin in the soil from the nursery after buying it and after breeding you have to repotted it after some time. You should use high-quality indoor potting soil for this plant with a handful of orchid bark feature and also handful of peat moss. Some extra perlite also added in. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”What is size of a Philodendron Birkin? ” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]This plant can start out quite small size in start. The biggest size of this plant is 6-12 inches. When you are growing the plant Birkin at indoors places, it will get the size between 1 and a couple feet tall size of its whole body. You have to keep in mind one thing that this plant grows both up and out by the nature. So, this plant can take up a heavy amount of surface area.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Do the plant Philodendron Birkin climb?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]The plant Birkin don’t commonly need to climb. But they start climbing when these plants grow up from the center. These plants can become a little heavy in size and weight and lean to one side which is bad in its favor. You should stick a bamboo stake into the soil where it was cultivated to help prop it up in proper way. It has no vines like the other member plants of its family. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Can the plant hurt Philodendron Birkin the cat?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]Yes, It is sorry to say but the answer is yes because all the philodendrons plants contain calcium oxalate crystals element in the body and these are toxic when ingested. It is both for the humans and animals. So, it is safe that you should keep this plant away from kitties, Childs, and other all pets for its better growth.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Where can we buy Philodendron Birkin Plant?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]It is very super hard to find this beautiful plant in the market in start. The price of this plant is 150 Bucks in start but now Philodendron Birkin Price is very low. You can get this only in 15 bucks. That’s why more people are buying this houseplant.[/su_spoiler]

Plant of Philodendron Birkin

This attractive and stunning plant Philodendron Birkin is most famous plant in the world. This plant belongs to the famous and favorite of some people’s family the aroids. This plant is easy to cultivate, easy to breed and easy to care for. You should follow the instruction about its care which are mentioned in this article. The care is so much easy in that way and now every one can breed this plant at their homes. It is the best in size and best decoration plant for the homes. This plant is cultivated easily and the demand of this plant is increasing. The price of this plant is very low. You can get these in 50 bucks from the market. If you want information about the plants and you have some new knowledge and information, you can contact us at any time.