January 25, 2022

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Philodendron Pink Princess Care Tips, Propagation and Growing Guide

All About Pink Princess Philodendron (Philodendron Erubescens) Plant

The beautiful and most attractive plant Philodendron Pink Princess is one of the most stunning plants for growing in house. This plant has dark green leaves and bright pink variegation on his body. And this the reason that this indoor plant is called the Pink Princess Houseplant. This Pink Princess philodendron plants get well growth in pots. They look stunning also in hanging baskets in the house. its trailing vines and pink leaves look like a stunning showpiece. There are many other names of this plant by its nature and look. Pink Princess Congo is its another famous name.

This plant Pink princess philodendron is a majestic and glorious plant for house decoration. If you are feeling any changes in its look and it is going to lose its beauty than your plant is going to die. No worry, we have all about care in this article you will find informatic content about this plant in this article. The origin of this plant is not confirmed. Some assume it as a hybrid plant and it was found in 1970. But there is no authentic source to find out its real origin.

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The Pink Princess Philodendron Care is very easy and it may seem daunting for some people because this pink beauty plant can be expensive to buy. But you have an option and that is the pink princess plant has many philodendron varieties. The only difference between these verities are its pink variegation. This stunning Pink Princess plant belongs to the tropical forests of Ecuador Region and Colombia country. It grows under trees and commonly thrives in high humidity levels condition. This is true that this plant is perfect for indoor gardens and perfect houseplant. This plant has growth habit in form of climbing.

Philodendron Pink Princess Plant Growth
Growth Guide Philodendron Pink Princess Plant

 By the nature Pink Princess Philodendron plant normally grow on trees and cling onto them for support for its well growth. When they produce new leaves, they wide their reach to the other branches of the tree. This Pink Princess plant is one of the hottest houseplants and stunning decoration piece for home. This is the truth that its hot pink variegation is stunning to see and nurseries of this plant cannot seem to keep this beautiful plant in stock. This plant is easy to breed and grow. Following is its care guide you must have to read it if you are planning to breed this plant in our home.

Pink Princess Philodendron Quick Overview

NamePink Princess Philodendron
Other NamePhilodendron Erubescens
Water RequirementsAverage No Over Water
Light RequirementsNo Direct Sunlight
Temperature Requirements16 – 29 Degree
Soil TypeWell-Draining Soil
Philodendron Pink Princess Care Guide
Philodendron Pink Princess Care Guide

Pink Princess Philodendron Care Guide


As it is indoor plant and you are lover of this plant then you know this thing that this plant cannot survive or live without the light because light is much important for its breeding. For the best growth this Pink Princess Philodendron plant prefers to be placed in a room of your house with medium level or bright indirect diffused sunlight. You must avoid this plant from direct sunlight because it is dangerous for its health. 2 to 4-hour sunlight is enough in morning for this plant. As it is indoor plant and the west or southeast-facing window in your place is ideal for this plant where it will get mostly indirect sunlight which is best for it


This is interesting that some types of plants will prefer for their growth a particular soil which is different to others. The all Plants which are found in the family Philodendron plant like the Pink Princess start thrive when they placed for cultivation in soil that contains in it a higher percentage of organic matter and material. For best result grow this plant in Sphagnum peat moss which is best for it. You should make sure that the soil can be drained in proper way and this soil is not too pocked down.


For keeping this house plant from rotting one thing you should be remember you have to supply water to it according to its need. Too much watering to this plant then this plant will not grow and thrive. This Pink Princess is unique by its appearance from other plants and it has ability to actually live in water. Put these plants in that kind of soil which is moist but enough soggy which is dangerous for its health. Take note and observe the soil and if you find its top dry then give it more water.


The common and best for the growth temperature level for a healthy Pink Philodendron plant is between around 55 – 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 13-35 degrees Celsius which is suitable for it. They grow well when the temperature in between 75-84F. The temperature level below 59F Degree in the evening time is not suitable for it and its health.


We mentioned this information about this plant that these plants are from a tropical setting by the nature. They do well and grow well in high humidity condition. The owners of this plant have even noted the fact that these beautiful plants will have lush and shiny foliage by the look when you will provide the perfect humidity level to it. You have to mist it every day for the best result. But mist it in winter is not suitable for it and it is dangerous for its health.

Philodendron Pink Princess Propagation

Philodendron Pink Princess Propagation

This beautiful Pink Princess plant is famous for its tendency factor to climb. This is the reason that these plants classify as vining Philodendrons. This beautiful plant Pink Princess Philodendron can be propagated in the soil at anywhere through the process of division or pink princess philodendron cutting. For getting the best result you should cutting these from time to time for propagation until they get a stunning pink look.


The fertilizer is not at all necessary for the breeding of this plant. Specially when you have met its basic requirements. If you are not satisfied and want to fertilize it then fertilize it with slow released method in summer and spring season. Providing the more fertilizer to this plant is harmful for it.

Philodendron Pink Princess Growth Guide

The common size of this plant Pink Princess is about to 23 inches in length. The leaves of this plant can grow up to 8 inches in length themselves with a width of about 5 inches in its size. It takes a while for growing and that is why this plant is famous in houseplants.


As we mentioned earlier this plant who is a member of Philodendron family does not grow all that quickly time period. The repotting of this plant in every couple of years is enough for its need and for its best growth.

Philodendron Pink Princess Variegation

This beautiful pink plant can look very diverse in some condition. These beautiful plants Pink Princess Philodendrons with loads of pink whilst in their body and the others houseplants rarely had any variegation factor. The bright pink spots and these dark leaves are very stunning by the look. This is a special plant among other variegated plants. Young leaves of this plant might look in green color deep burgundy or pink color or also may be the combination of all these colors which make it more attractive. The bright light increases the variegation level in this plant. They will grow better in indirect bright diffused sunlight.


This plant needs the support for the best growth. The plant Philodendron Erubescens is a vining plant.  Give this plant a trellis or post to climb on for the best result. You will get the amazing and best result if you will provide it the best and proper support. If want its maximum size and best healthy condition than give it the support for growing properly. If you have no support or any thing for support then cut the stem of this plant and propagate them into soil for growing the new plants.

Pink Princess Philodendron Problems and FAQs

[su_spoiler title=”Why are the pink leaves of Philodendron turning into yellow color?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]Turning the leaves of this plant into Yellow color are often a sign of too much direct sunlight to it while its breeding or by the over watering. So, make sure that your pink Philodendron is not breeding at that place where the direct sunlight is coming. You should also check the moist in the soil because soggy or wet soil is harmful for its growth. And one thing is to be remember for you that these leaves turn into yellow when they get old and it is natural. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Why are the leaves of Philodendron Pink Princess turning into brown color?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]The large amount of watering to this plant or low amount of watering to this plant is cause to turn the leaves of this plant in brown color. The size of the container where you cultivate this plant. The large size of the container will create more moisture which creates more problems for this plant. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Is this Pink Princess plant Toxic?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]The Pink Princess Philodendron plants are toxic by the nature to pets in your home. The famous and research institute American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) give a statement that variegated philodendrons plants and its other family members are toxic to cats and dogs by the nature. This plant contains calcium oxalate crystals element in body which cause severe irritation to the skin of dog and cat. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How can I maximize pink variegation?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]The plant Philodendron Pink needs plenty of bright sunlight and filtered light to keep a balance of dark green and pink variegation. If the color of the leaves of this plant turn into the green color let’s face this result no one wants a Green Prince instead of pink princess so, prune some of the leaves of this plants. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Where Can we buy Pink Princess plant?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]This attractive Pink Princess plant is a hot plant in the indoor planthouse collection. Finding one of them can be a challenge for those who want to buy this plant. One of the largest collector Pink Princess Philodendron plants is Gabriella Plant source. This is also an excellent online source where you will find unusual plants.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Why are Pink Princess plants so expensive to buy?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”plus-circle”]It is simple it depends on supply and demand. There is an extraordinary demand by the people around the world for this stunning plant. This drives and demand make this plant costly. This is the fact that variegated plants grow slower by the nature. They will compound the issue of the plant. The variegation is very unstable and not suitable so when nurseries of this plant propagate. Every plant is different from the others and not ready for sale. It can take some months to get that condition where it is ready to sale. [/su_spoiler]

Philodendron Pink Princess Care (Philodendron Erubescens)
Philodendron Pink Princess (Philodendron Erubescens)


This beautiful plant Pink Princess Philodendron is an aroid hybrid plant by the nature. This is popular for its variegated foliage and amazing look. The thick arrow-shaped leaves of this attractive plant show beautiful and stunning variegation of dark-green color, pink color, and white color. These beautiful plants are great and excellent choice for hanging baskets in your home and good to see in the growing pots. The Pink Philodendron gets well growth level in a well shaded place outdoors in a proper suitable temperate and climate condition.

 However, they are perfect choice for decorate your home. The care is easy and breeding is also easy of this plant. This plant gets the maximum growth in indirect sunlight. Provide water to it when the top of this plant is going to dry. This beautiful plant is toxic in nature and specially for the dog and cats. Keep your cat and dog and even the kids away from this plant. If you want more knowledge about the plants specially about houseplants you just have to visit our website and you will find more content. This is the famous and much attractive plant even for home Decoration.