January 25, 2022

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String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii) Care, Problems and Growing Guide

All About String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii) Plant

String of Hearts which is also known as Ceropegia Woodii is a most beautiful and attractive plant in the family of Apocynaceae. It belongs to the Africa region, Southern Asia, Countries and Australia Region. This beautiful plant has many other names like Snake Creeper, Parachute Flower, Lantern Flower, Wine Glass Vine, Rosary Vine and Necklace Vine.  

This beautiful and evergreen houseplant has features of succulent and trailing vine which is suitable and perfect for planting this plant in hanging baskets in your home. It can be decorated in pots or window sills in your house. This plant has a long age and it is also a fast-growing plant. In this plant the sprawling vines of this plant can hang down several feet once they mature. 

This stunning plant with heart-shaped look, fleshy appearance and the gray-green foliage on this plant has an eye-catching marbled pattern for the observer. The thin and beautiful string-like vines of this plant have a distinctive purple shade which make its appearance more attractive. This plant growth rate is amazing. It is fast growing and easy to care for.

String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii )
String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii )

The flowers of this plant usually have a pale magenta coloring on. They tend to bloom and look more attractive and most profusely in the late summer season. They can also appear at any time throughout the year and look more stunning. If you are looking for a romantic plant with the shape of a heart then this is your perfect and great choice. 

This plant is a beautiful gift for Valentine’s day and it is the sign of love. Every part of the plant offers something unique and special. You can either grow this plant individually in your home or you can plant them as a group in the same pot for a wonderful result and attractive colorful combination. This will create a different and unique look. You can grow it even if you are a beginner. The string of hearts care is easy and following you can get the care instructions with detail and problems which you may face while it’s breeding. 

String of Hearts Quick Overview 

Name String of Hearts, Rosary Vine, Chain of Hearts
Scientific Name Ceropegia Woodii
Origin South Africa, South Asia, Swaziland
Family Apocynaceae
Size 2.5cm tall and 2.4m wide
Water Requirement When Potting medium is Dry
Light Requirement Indirect Sunlight
Soil Requirement Well Drained, Acidic
Flower Color White to Pale Purplish
Toxicity Not Toxicity

String of Hearts Care Guide


This beautiful String of Hearts grows well when it has some bright sunlight in the day. This plant will do more fine and healthy growth in bright, indirect and diffused sunlight. The direct sunlight will affect it negatively with this the leaves of this plant will turn into dark green color with variegated silver marking on its body. This plant String of Hearts should do a little bit better in low light situations. But the leaves of this plant will be a pale green in color with no variegation. The loss of variegation string of hearts may be permanent and the variegation will not return to this plant if the light is not according to its need even if the plant in future is moved to better indirect sunlight.


The worst and bad thing in favor of this plant is to overwater it which is harmful for its health. This plant is far more likely to die or in bad health from over water from its need or water lower from its need. For the better growth and result you should give it the water when the soil is dry or the top of this plant is dry. Give it a balanced amount of water. Do not water it when the soil or top of this plant is wet or moist in nature. In the winter season let this plant rest by watering it a little bit less in amount which is enough for it. This plant might seem a little droopier and need low water during the winter season. This happens regarding this plant when this plant goes into a semi-dormant state and prepares itself for new growth of the plant which will start in the spring season. 

String of Hearts Care
String of Hearts Care


This attractive string of hearts plant is drought-tolerant in nature. This plant does like more frequent watering for its growth and development than many other house plant species in its family or others. When the soil is dry then water it. But remember one thing in your mind that too much water to this plant can result in swollen foliage and leaf drop to this plant. The growth rate also becomes messy. The soil which is best for it is the type of well-draining. And the soil should be fertilized to help it to grow in a better and healthier condition. 

String Of Heart Temperature and Humidity

These super stunning plants can handle temperatures not less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit for short periods while it’s breeding. They can’t grow well with prolonged exposure to the cold and it is not suitable for it and it happens if they have not retained sufficient moisture in their surroundings. This beautiful plant is not suitable for heat and the worst air condition. If you want good growth and good health of this plant you should maintain the temperature which is warm and also maintain the humidity level which is not so high and not so low. The more humidity level and more temperature will destroy its health and harm it.


The string of hearts plant will show the best result and health condition with an amount of fertilizer specifically designed for succulents and it is best for its fast growing. A balanced amount of fertilizer in the soil is best for its breeding. More amount of fertilizer will result in falling down of its leaves, change in its color and at the end you plant will go to die if you are increasing the amount of fertilizer. 

How to Grow String of Hearts
How to Grow String of Hearts

Propagation of string of hearts

The beautiful String of heart plants are commonly propagated by the process of string of hearts stem cuttings instead of through seed germination. The process of the string of hearts seeds is difficult and not suitable for it. The process of the stem cutting for this plant is easy and common. It sees good success for its growth. The process of cuttings with at least two internodes methods on these plants usually take root at any place from a period of fortnight to two months. This process is so easy that you can propagate them with its single leaf.  You should make sure that the potting medium is kept moist in nature. It is positioned at any place that is warm by temperature and has a bright look in filtered light. Cuttings can also start by breeding it in the water.  Once the roots of this plant have formed then they can be transplanted into the potting medium easily. 

Potting and Repotting

In the right conditions of temperature, humidity, water and light these plants are prolific by nature and consequently by nature. They get benefit in their growth from being repotted every few years for best results. However, one important thing is that delicate vines can easily break by anyone. You should make sure that the pot of this plant has generous drainage holes in its body.

String of Hearts Problems

Leave Curling

One of the problems of this plant is Leaves curling. This problem of this plant Ceropegia Woodii can be due to low light and because of the animals. Sometimes when this plant is kept indoors or in your home then maybe the growth rate slows. The leaves of this plant do not become as thick by its look as compared to its outdoor breeding. This beautiful Ceropegia Woodii that is grown at any place out of your home, especially when it is getting indirect sunlight then the leaves become thicker and it will not curl in the future. 

Leave Drying 

This is a very common problem with this house plant that leaves drying This plant being a succulent by its nature and it does like to be watered regularly for the best production. Providing the potting mix to this plant is not soggy at all times. Many people who are growing this plant make this mistake commonly of keeping the string of hearts too dry and its top too dry which results in leaves drying up and this is a big problem of this plant. They look shriveled especially on the new growth of this plant as these leaves of the plant are still quite thin in nature and not filled with much water. The older leaves of this plant have a much higher water amount and it can deal with a bit of dryness of the leaves. The remedy of this problem for drying leaves is nearly always with the over water amount. For this make sure one thing the plant is in well-draining soil: succulent potting mix with this plant that will not stay soggy soil for too long. 


Leaves Falling Down

The Leaves of this plant can fall off due to many reasons. This plant problem is commonly the next step of this happening after the leaves have started to dry out and in the worst condition. The problem of this plant is not addressed then it will die. So, all the causes of the problems which this plant is facing is due to light and water conditions. This plant and the leaves of this plant get the problems if the light or water condition is not according to its need. These leaves of this plant required light and balanced water. Plants need water and light and best soil to survive.  

Leaves Rotting 

The Rotting leaves of this plant is not the big problem and it should not be happening. With proper care you can it a healthy plant. If the soil is well-drained and potting mix factor is also with it then its growth will be super and it will grow faster. Leaves of this plant will rot and its leave start curling when the plant has been placed at wet soil or that soil which has too much moisture by nature. If you placed these where the water and light is low then the leaves start curling. You must main the light for keep away your plant from this problem of leaves curling.  

Slow Growth

This plant is growing slow when it is breeding indoor. At dark light or over watering place it will lose its health. The bright the condition will give the better growth rate. Bigger the pot will increase the growth rate of this plant.


This Beautiful plant String of Hearts needs lots of bright indirect diffused sunlight during the afternoon while its breeding. You should keep this plant outdoor or if indoor then under the indirect sun light. One thing you have to remember is that make sure the soil is dry before watering it. The temperature level of 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable for its well growth. These stunning and good-looking plants grow faster when these plants are kept in a dry condition with warm climate and the bright sunlight.

The size at its maturity is up to 12 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide and this is incredible for any houseplant. If you want its best growth then you just have to maintain the water, soil and light. You will get the best flowers in it when you will do as mentioned in this article earlier. Some amount of fertilizer also increases its growth level. There is some problem you may face during its propagation or breeding like leaves curling, falling and drying etc. if you just focus on light, water and soil then you can get the best result while it will grow to maturity. Want more knowledge about the plants then you just have to visit our website and you will enjoy with our contents about the house plants.