May 29, 2022

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String of Nickels Care | How To Grow String of Nickels Complete Guide

This beautiful String of Nickels Plant is a delicious and stunning plant that is mainstream for its excellence and great look. It has a similar shape as a nickel coin by the nature. Assuming you are not from the US country and let me reveal to you Nickle is a Five penny coin here in the USA country. It has minuscule leaves on its body that path from the hanging bushel which looks great.

The beautiful plant string of nickels which is also known by the name Dischidia Nummularia plant is not difficult to mind and care and its round leaves on its body have light or light green color and dim, brown and silver tone. It additionally has minimal white blossoms with seeds on its body wonderfully developed with stunning look with the foliage. String of nickels plant is an exceptional plant and attractive that is the reason it is extremely hard to track down and not accessible and available in the market in large numbers of the nurseries.

So where to purchase series of nickels plant for your home It have given connections underneath you can check by yourself. It’s not accessible in amazon the largest platform. So, it just in Etsy so underneath is the connection to purchase this plant for its breeding at the home. The string of nickels plant the Dischidia Nummularia is a sort of vining delicious plant that is local to the tropical districts of Asian countries, India region and Australia region.

It is a sort of epiphyte on it like orchids and the other air plants like Tillandsia plant implying that in its local environment and conditions this plant develops on different plants like trees and acquires its dampness and supplements from the air to the growth purpose downpour, or trash gathering to the plant and material around it, as opposed to from soil.

String of Nickels
String of Nickels

String of Nickels Quick Overview 

NameString of Nickels
Basic NameDischidia Nummularia
Size16 to 18 inches Tall
Water RequirementRegular but Balanced
Light RequirementIndirect Diffused Sunlight
Soil RequirementWell Drained, Moist
Flower ColorWhite
ToxicityYes, Mild

String of Nickels Care Guide

These tropical and stunning epiphytes are for the most part low-upkeep and simple to really focus on their appearance and they get the attention. They are most normally developed and grow inside as houseplants since they can’t endure cold temperatures or ice and cold conditions.  It can be developed outside all year in environments and conditions that are reliably warm. They appreciate steady dampness conditions and are productive cultivators in the right climate for its well growth.

It is suggested that beautiful plant the string of nickels is repotted yearly so they don’t get rootbound in look, which can prevent development ang growth rate as their underlying foundations need a lot of air circulation condition to flourish for well grow. The plant string of nickels doesn’t need pruning process that enough, yet since they can develop rapidly with fast growing nature, they can be managed and formed as vital and looks great by the appearance.


The string of nickels plant fill well in low-light conditions for grow. Inside, they are an ideal decision and choice for that low-light north-or east-bound window for sunlight. They should in any case get some daylight for its growth and for the duration of the day for sunlight a modest quantity according to its need of morning or evening sunlight is great for its growth. At the point when developed outside this plant a string of nickels plant ought to be filled in obscure areas that are shielded from the sweltering evening sunlight. They do well in hanging bushels condition or grower under covered yards or porches in proper way.


Keep the preparing medium and balanced amount of water with equally sodden yet be mindful so as to stay away from waterlogging the roots of the plant. They ought to never sit in water for its growth and for broadened timeframes according to its need. The plant string of nickels likewise advantage from customary moistening condition which assists and help the plant with engrossing dampness through the leaves of this plant.


The plant string of nickels ought to be filled and breed in a light and breezy type of soil and its well-depleting medium that is high in natural matter. Their foundations require wind current to flourish. An orchid preparing blend and the mixture destroyed coco coir, or destroyed bark are altogether acceptable and suitable alternatives for this stunning and attractive string of nickels plant. Try not to plant a string of nickels plant in normal fertilized soil for the breeding and growth rate as it is too thick and the roots of the plant will suffocate and decay.

Growing Guide String of Nickels
Growing Guide String of Nickels

Temperature and Humidity

This beautiful plant string of nickels flourish in muggy condition, warm conditions and don’t endure cold temperatures or ice and cold condition. They are solid in USDA zones 9 to 11 reading.  However, they are commonly developed inside as houseplants for decoration as well. While the plant string of nickels will do well in normal family stickiness and members around it, on theoff chance that you place it in an area with some additional dampness conditions, like a kitchen in the home.


The plant string of nickels doesn’t need customary treating outside of guaranteeing that their preparing medium and the breeding process of this plant is wealthy in natural matter. Nonetheless, whenever wanted by the plant and fertilizer amount to it. A low-strength adjusted manure can be applied every year toward the start of the developing season. Means the start of the season when it needs more fertilizer. The balance amount of fertilizer will increase its growth rate.

String of Nickels Propagation

The propagation and breeding of this plant is simple and amateurs can likewise attempt it in the right way. The most Basic method of cutting this plant process is by utilizing a stem cutting process. You need a discover 5-6-inch stem in size before that you ought to have a disinfected cutting stems or pruning instrument so regardless of whether it has a few microorganisms’ elements it gets cleaned that will shield your Dischidia Nummularia string of nickels plant from getting tainted. Presently Cut the stem and leave that for the time period of 48 hours to dry condition. It should dry out water and so we can get a crisp cutting of the plant.

Dischidia spread For Rooting of the plant First Remove the 2-inch base leaves of the plant and presently you can put the stem cutting process in Orchid Sphagnum Moss. It is a great idea to foster roots container in the nickel plant. Here is the connection on the off chance that you want to purchase this plant. Spot them in a shade region where it just gets light by implication process. In certain days while its growth you will see stem cutting process beginning to show some root development in this plant. Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for the owner of this plant for them to move them to greater measured pots for its great look. Deal with watering then it’s anything but a solid plant by the nature.

String of nickels seeds

The famous Method is clearly by seeds of this plant. Develop and growth of the plants can sprout blossoms that believer into seeds of this plant. More often than not seeds seem to drop on the dirt condition. So, you can put a material on the highest point of the dirt so you can gather this thing. This possibly happens while its breeding and when the plant gets experienced. Then, at that point You can plant the seeds of the plant into soil and water and straightforwardly on the dirt , it will develop and grow smoothly.


For the purpose of the String of nickels pruning you can begin by checking and see if there’s any unhealthy condition like pale, dry spell leaves or stem of this plant. Whenever discovered cut them down utilizing pruning process shears and in every case clean them before use of the plant. Cutting a portion of the long stems of the plant can help the development and growth of other long stems. The most part trim the plant string of nickels. That time you have to likewise checked for a sound stem for proliferation. How the shape ought to be and in the event that it’s a lot of stems of the plant.  You can likewise go for hard pruning process.

String of Nickels Variegated

string of nickels variegated

These coins verdant the plant string of nickels is one such plant that can be developed and breed effectively and with those wonderful coin formed leaves of the plants that path to the base. Its Variegated assortment has round left of this plant which looks delicate and puffed and stunning in healthy condition, accompanies white imprints on it. Its elusive any dealer for this one however you can generally attempt the first assortment to this plant.

String of Nickels Dying

In the event that your plant the string of nickels passing on or going to die check on the off chance that it’s anything but watered. The water limit exceeds means its death ratio increased. You can check assuming leaves of this plant are not withered by the nature. If yes attempt to expand the water amount to this plant. Additionally, don’t overwater it in normal condition. Generally, check the dirt condition to watering. It should likewise dry out somewhat in some conditions then, at that point water it for its best growth. A lot of water amount and less water amount can make issues and problems in plants. It is cause the string of nickels dying.

String of Nickels Toxic

These tropical epiphytes and beautiful plant are not harmful to pets or people by the nature and not nonetheless, the sap can be somewhat aggravating behavior in the event that it interacts with the skin of the others. Take alert while proliferating or repotting this plant string of nickels by wearing cultivating gloves on your hand to forestall skin disturbance.

String of Nickels Pests and Diseases

Root decay and the most common disease root rot is the most widely recognized sickness that influences this beautiful plant string of nickels. To forestall root decay and the disease, guarantee that you are not overwatering your string of nickels plant. It is very dangerous and harmful for the plant and that the preparing medium permits air to arrive at the roots of the plant and cause a harm to it. The plant String of nickels can likewise be defenseless to some normal bugs and the common pests like creepy crawly parasites, growth gnats’ pests, aphids’ pests, and mealy pests. Guarantee that you are consistently investigating and observing the plant that is string of nickels for bothers so you can get any pervasions early.

Dischidia Nummularia


These are some of remarkable and stunning and lovely looking delicious plant by its look and by its features and benefits. These plants can be utilized to get a wide option of following stems of the plants. They take a gander at hanging in the pot for more best growth rate, and how dazzling the stems go practical process.

On the off chance that you want to go for remarkable plant for your home for the purpose of decoration or any other, this is additionally one such plant and a great choice for a unique house plant. The plant string of nickels Plant care and everything identified with the simple and easy process. This is the best option for keeping this plant in the home as a decoration piece. You can also place it outdoor after its maturity and in the good health condition. This is perfect and suitable houseplant for beginners as well. For the best breeding, propagation and its growth you just care it as early mentioned in proper way and its care is easy.

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